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Quiz: Do You Make Other People Happy?


One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy;

One of the best ways to make other people is to be happy yourself.


Everyone accepts the Second Splendid Truth, Part A; the Second Splendid Truth,

Part B often isn’t as clear to people. But to focus on Part A here – how do you know if you’re making other people happy? What are some signs?


Are the following statements true for you:


Do people seem to feel comfortable confiding in you?

Do people follow your recommendations?

Are you a source of material comfort or security for someone else?

Do people whom you’ve introduced often go on to have a continuing relationship?

Do people seem to drift toward you? Join a conversation that you’re having, sit down next to you at a meeting?

Have you recently been involved in the improvement or growth of an organization, group, or process that involves many other people?

Are you providing opportunities for other people – job leads, blind dates, contacts in a new city?

Do people whom you hardly remember go out of their way to greet you warmly? Say, the friend of your old roommate, or a former co-worker?

Do people seem to want to connect with you — by making plans or by emailing, calling, or texting?

Do people seem energized by you? Do they smile and laugh in your presence?

Notice some items that are not on the list:


Do people remember your birthday?

Do people give you presents (say, for Mother’s Day, or in recognition of an important milestone)?

Do people express appreciation and gratitude for your efforts?

Even if you’re making people happy, they don’t always respond by making these gestures. (Which can be quite annoying.)


What am I missing? I feel like I’ve overlooked some obvious indicators. What are some other good signs that you make people happy?





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