Welcome to MEDELIS 3D

I'll Show You - How deliver electric power in alternative ways... Free Geen Energy without poison or toxins



This battery generates electric power out of Tap Water (drinking water, river,lake,rain or any similar liquid)...

its small, powerful and super basic

MEDELIS BATTERY will generates electricity until the water dries up...for many hours (you can always refill water - make it work again)

if you do not let water to dried (put it all in a plastic bag) battery will generates electric power for very long, long....long time



To make MEDELIS BATTERY you will need some stuff

Copper Wire or Copper Plate, Magnesium Ribbon & Thread...(common thread - normal)


I don’t know if my method of producing electricity is economical and cost effective :-) What I know is that it is worth to try !?


for more info watch my vids...


3D print your own LED flashlight

download free STL files at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxl9ocRqxV_rTXNkUVA4V21zbWs



The reason why my project is being conducted is for a way for people

to create their own batteries, and have alternate sources of energy.

By finding new ways to make and power batteries, they can improve

and become much more efficient than before...