Hi - #Medelis3D here ... I like to create / design 3D objects (figures / sculptures)

and see how they come alive 100% 3D printable ...

Inspiration generally comes from the inventive side of me.
I’m not an artist who uses profound explanations that people can’t really relate to, I simply make what I like. 

I’ve always had an interest in art and created various forms in one way or another.  


You are welcome to visit my $ STORE               

 or just download FREE models

      ...3D print ready STL files



But be warned !

I will create funny and disturbing things...

Follow me if you dare & make me feel cool...

dual color 3d model
xyzCalibration cube dual color 3d model
dual color 3d model
Dual Color 3D model
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2large collections with many 3D-print ready models: without NSFW & with NSFW adult content

(collections contain more models than images show)

The collections contains only my own created models

3D created, scanned figures & remakes / remixes

(Remakes from models that license allows to do remixes)

mandalorian stl
ART stl