Medelis Battery...

I'll Show You - How deliver electric power in alternative ways... Free Geen Energy without poison or toxins


This battery generates electric power out of Tap Water (drinking water, river,lake,rain or any similar liquid)...

its small, powerful and super basic

MEDELIS BATTERY will generates electricity until the water dries up...for many hours (you can always refill water - make it work again)

if you do not let water to dried (put it all in a plastic bag) battery will generates electric power for very long, long....long time

To make MEDELIS BATTERY you will need some stuff

Copper Wire or Copper Plate, Magnesium Ribbon & Thread...(common thread - normal)

I don’t know if my method of producing electricity is economical and cost effective :-) What I know is that it is worth to try !?

for more info watch my vids...

or just 3D-print your own Water Powered - LED flashlight

download free STL files 

The reason why my project is being conducted is for a way for people

to create their own batteries, and have alternate sources of energy.

By finding new ways to make and power batteries, they can improve

and become much more efficient than before...

Turning anything into metal

by electroplating...

I electroplated this Pirates of the Caribbean skull to achieve the copper coating.

A mixture of acetone and graphite was used to make the model conductive so that it would take well to copper.

 Just a perfect printing surface...


I not have (Heated Bed) but i found very simple and effective solution...

printing ABS,PETG,PLA, Nylon & Flexible filament... on (Textile surface)

it works extremely well... With this extremely cheap and effective trick - you can print all kind of filament  without a Heated Bed...( & without any worries get you home on fire )

Just cut piece of (JEANS) textile (from old pants) size - your 3d printer bed and glue on a 3D printing surface, with Double Sided Tape  & make nozzle closer to the fabric...

you can use any kind of textile with no less than 30% cotton

Surface last very very long & very easy to remove your printed objects

(if not... make 1 layer ABS juice on top of helps easier to remove your printed objects)

Enjoy & Happy printing...

Super Easy Calibration system

for Delta/Kossel 3D printer

Absolute easiest way to calibrate your Kossel/Delta 3D printer - no PC needed...

you will need: 3pc.M5x30mm Nuts with Bolts & 3pc.Springs

Download free STL file

Simply adjust the thumbwheel in the positive or negative direction will bring the bed up or down...

It took only 3 minutes to calibrate the installed bed with very high precision.

Simple and very effective method...

Cheap & Simple FEP film Alternative

for UV-Resin 3D printers

Laminating pouches... is composed of various layers of plastic.

The harder layer (PET) is on the outside and the softer layer (EVA) is on the inside,

the harder outer layer is usually made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

and the softer inner layer is made out of EVA plastic (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)

it's important that you use only PET laminating pouches - harder laminating pouches

(PETG laminating pouches does not fit - to soft & scratches very easily) much as 200 times stronger than glass

PET-sheet is virtually unbreakable and also has very high impact strength.

Laminating Pouches - chemical resistant and super transparent.

all you need - dissolve EVA side  in the oven  (make transparent by oven heat)

PET side down to the kitchen paper - when you put in the oven  (200c degrees wait time 4sek)

when you attach Sheet to resin-vat, make PET side up and EVA side down

(The PET side must be in contact with the UV-resin)

UV Post Curing Temperature is 60-65 deg C using 405nm UV Light.

PET melts at 260 deg C

My settings for the Micromake L2 / Flsun S & Monocure 3D Rapid Resin

First Layer Time 50000

Num Bottom Layers 3

Layer Height 0.05

Layer Time 15000