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3D print ready STL files

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3D print ready STL files

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Eye of Providence - MDCCLXXVI

SculptGL is a digital sculpting web app

Main features :

  • Sculpting tools
    • Standard tools : Brush, Inflate, Smooth, Twist, Drag, etc
    • PBR Vertex Painting (color, roughness, metalness)
    • Alpha texture support for each tools
  • Multiresolution sculpting
    • Quad-tri Subdivison (catmull-clark/loop)
    • Reversion (compute opposite of subdvision if possible)
    • Navigating from low/high poly level subdiv will retain sculpting changes
    • keep UVs (both reversion and subdivison)
  • Voxel remeshing
    • Uses SurfaceNets meshing algorithm (produces quad-only mesh)
    • Uniform remeshing (quads will have the same size)
    • Can also create non-manifold vertex :(
    • In case of a non closed mesh, a naive holefilling algorithm is performed first
    • Deletes UV
  • Dynamic topology
    • Triangles only
    • Operates in real time
    • Local subdivision (create new triangles)
    • Local decimation (deletes triangles)
    • Deletes UV
  • Supports OBJ, PLY, STL import/export
    • Reads vertex color
    • Optimizes post and pre transform cache (tipsy algorithm)
  • Undo/Redo support